From Ancient Grudge

A Star-Crossed Tragedy

When the party is hired to investigate a haunted castle, they’re drawn into a tale of hatred, love and betrayal stretching back more then 300 years.

Will they be able to free the ghosts haunting Arevon Castle, or will they find themselves just another footnote in its long history of misery?

A new 5E adventure for parties from levels 4-5, from the creators of bestselling adventures ‘A Wild Sheep Chase’, ‘A Most Potent Brew’, ‘The Wolves of Welton’ and ‘To The End of Time’.

Test your table with investigation, exploration, romance and just a hint of horror. Adventure comes complete with new monsters, high-quality maps and player handouts.

Buy it from the DM’s Guild.

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Recommended Level: 4-5 (includes instructions for scaling difficulty)
Estimated play time: 3-5 hours
Dificulty: Medium-Hard
Setting: Wilderness, Ruins
Themes: Wilderness, Investigation, Exploration

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mathieu Piché-Larocque says:

    Hey great job overall!
    Haven’t run any of your campaigns yet haha!
    But i thought i should suggest, if you can provide the little bullet points (Rec. level, estimated play time etc.) for each of your adventures, that would be a great help!

    Anyway, looking to dm the Wolves of Welton and i can’t wait! Also, the illustrations you use are awesome!


  2. Mathieu Piché-Larocque says:

    Sorry my mother tongue isn’t english, so by “overall” i meant for everything, story telling, illustrations, website etc. and not what the word actually means hahaha!


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