Blood in the Water

There are plenty of ways to kick the party out of their comfort zone and one of the simplest is to drop them in the deep end.

Embrace the Cliche

Sometimes, originality is overrated. When you’re creating a character or dreaming up a story for your next campaign put aside your worries and embrace the cliche – I almost guarantee that it’ll make your game better.

By Any Other Name

Names are an important part of creating a world, so it’s vital that a DM is able to come up with memorable and believable options with barely a moment’s hesitation.

Poly(hedron)amory – The Love of Dice

Once you’ve got a few campaigns under your belt I guarantee that you’ll find yourself in an odd position when it comes to dice. On the one hand, you clearly have too many – all those poly sets are pretty identical, after all – but on the other you know that you always need more.

Con Artist – D&D at the UK Games Expo

For three days in early June the Birmingham NEC played host to the 2016 UK Games Expo. A vast hall was packed to the gills with people chattering about dice, hex-grids and action points, while the nearby Hilton Hotel teemed with tables dedicated to gaming of all sorts.

Made to be Broken – Dealing with the Rule of Cool

In my opinion, the so-called ‘Rule of Cool’ is one of the things that makes roleplaying games so wonderful. However, as with many other awesome things – like chocolate, beer or naps – it has the potential to cause real harm if used too much or too loosely.

Going Off-Grid?

There’s a certain type of role-player that treats groups that use grids with the same disdain art-house cinema fans show for those queueing up for the next Michael Bay blockbuster.

Controlled Rage – Barbarians in a Civilised World

THERE’S something comforting about playing a character that fits neatly into one of the standard fantasy archetypes – the happy-go-lucky Halfling Rogue, the mysterious Elven Ranger and so forth. Like many players, however, I’m a big fan of trying something a little unconventional. This doesn’t just apply to mixing up non-ideal combinations of races and classes,…

Praying in the Darkness – Good Clerics for Evil Gods

A few weeks ago I rolled up the very first Cleric of my D&D career. I wanted him to be from the Tempest Domain – because who doesn’t want to basically become Thor at level 17 – so set about searching for a suitably stormy God to worship. The moment I came across Umberlee, Goddess of…