Preview – Honour Among Thieves

Work on the next Winghorn Press adventure is very much underway, so we thought we’d provide a quick preview to whet readers’ appetites. This is the first page of Honour Among Thieves, which will see the party be all-but forced into taking a job on behalf of the mysterious ‘gentleman thief’ Wisp Shadowfoot.

Going Off-Grid?

There’s a certain type of role-player that treats groups that use grids with the same disdain art-house cinema fans show for those queueing up for the next Michael Bay blockbuster.

New Adventure – The Wolves of Welton

Winghorn Press is proud to announce the release of our second Single Session Adventure – The Wolves of Welton. The adventure is aimed at low-level parties and tried to subvert the MMO trope that sends new players into the woods to hack their way through a dozen wolves. It features huge scope for players to push…

Controlled Rage – Barbarians in a Civilised World

THERE’S something comforting about playing a character that fits neatly into one of the standard fantasy archetypes – the happy-go-lucky Halfling Rogue, the mysterious Elven Ranger and so forth. Like many players, however, I’m a big fan of trying something a little unconventional. This doesn’t just apply to mixing up non-ideal combinations of races and classes,…

Old Gods and Hellfire – Roleplaying a Warlock

At times it can be hard to explain why warlocks aren’t necessarily bad guys. New players see the hellfire, the blood oaths sworn with various demonic or extra-planar entities and – not unfairly – wonder why they would ever be the sort of character to run around the world, righting wrongs and generally saving the…

Shoot the Moon – Why a 20 Doesn’t Always Mean Success

If you spend enough time browsing Twitter or the various D&D Subreddits, you’re going to run into a lot of stories that are kicked off with natural 20s. I’ve read about crits that landed bards in bed with Lolth, allowed fighters to lift entire castles above their heads and caused the cleric’s god to manifest in person and give them a high-five.

Praying in the Darkness – Good Clerics for Evil Gods

A few weeks ago I rolled up the very first Cleric of my D&D career. I wanted him to be from the Tempest Domain – because who doesn’t want to basically become Thor at level 17 – so set about searching for a suitably stormy God to worship. The moment I came across Umberlee, Goddess of…

A Wild Sheep Chase – Update

Winghorn Press’ very first adventure, A Wild Sheep Chase, has been re-released. This new version features some new enemies, a much better encounter map and (hopefully) fewer spelling mistakes!

A Good Day to Die?

It’s an old cliché that there are only two things in this world that are inevitable – death and taxes. And unless you happen to be running with a Paladin of High Accountancy in the party you can probably ignore that second bit when you enter the world of D&D.