Spell of the Week – Bane

Bringing your foes low through massive damage or mind-warping illusions is always enjoyable, but few things are as satisfying as the countless petty annoyances that come with a well-applied Bane.

Spell of the Week – Arcane Lock

There are a handful of spells listed in the Player’s Handbook that are actually more likely to be used by the DM than any self-respecting hero, and few crop as commonly as the good old Arcane Lock.

Spell of the Week – Arcane Gate

There are plenty of spells that require you to think creatively if you’re going to make the most of them, but only one of them makes you think with portals.

Spell of the Week – Arcane Eye

In the same way that Dr. Who’s Daleks are an unstoppable race of space-murderers that can be thwarted by a flight of stairs, Arcane Eye would be a game-breaking spell if it wasn’t so bad at dealing with doors.

Spell of the Day – Antimagic Field

Magic is both the glue that holds the D&D universe together and the grease that lets some of it’s weirder aspects spin without getting gummed up by the grit of reality. Being able to just turn it off – even in a limited area – is therefore incredibly, unbelievably powerful.

Spell of the Day – Antilife Shell

Antilife Shell is one of the few spells that sounds much cooler than it is in practise. From its name you may expect it to be a tool of necromantic terror and destruction, but in reality it’s not much more than a rather niche magical barrier. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with magical barriers, especially…

Spell of the Day – Animate Objects

Who knew that those broomsticks from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice could be so incredibly deadly? Going by the rules of Animate Objects one of them should have been able to beat Mickey to death within a couple of turns.

Spell of the Day – Animate Dead

Is there a more iconic example of Necromancy than the humble Animate Dead? After all, what kind of mad re-animator would you be without a coterie of shambling minions to do your bidding?

Spell of the Day – Animal Shapes

Also known as ‘I wish the entire party were Druids’, Animal Shapes is an immensely enjoyable spell that is as useful and powerful as you want it to be.