The Tomb of Crossed Words

A 3rd-level adventure for heroes with minds as strong as their muscles!

An unassuming monk is on the hunt for a party with both the strength and the smarts needed to investigate the fabled Tomb of Crossed Words – a secret shrine that was once dedicated to the study of language and writing, long since lost to shadow.

When they explore the long-forgotten temple they are met with a terrifying array of puzzles, traps and monsters, all of which guard a former adventurer fallen to evil and undeath. Conquering the ancient tomb will require strong nerves, but even stronger minds…


What is this Adventure?

The Tomb of Crossed Words is a puzzle-heavy adventure for parties of around 3rd level, and should last for around four hours. Written by bestselling DM’s Guild author Richard Jansen-Parkes and accompanied with three brand new monsters, beautiful illustrations and countless puzzles, this is a great addition to any DM’s collection.

Note that this adventure is only advised for groups that genuinely enjoy puzzles and riddles in real life. If you have any crossword-fiends, die-hard logicians or anagram fans at the table, however, prepare for an enjoyable and unique night of role-playing!

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