Getting Dicey with The Dice Dungeon

Despite all the obvious benefits of switching to a digital roller for online games, I find I just can’t keep myself from reaching for the dice tray and hankering for something that goes clatter-clatter-tinkle. Or, perhaps, THUD-THUD-THUD in the case of metal dice.

A New Adventure – The Call of the Drowned

We have just finished uploading a brand new adventure to the DM’s Guild – The Call of the Drowned. The 12-page adventure drops the heroes into a battle against an evil band of nautical monasters – the Drowners of Hawkesbury Bay. It’s designed for parties ranging from just level one all the way up to…

My On-The-Road DMing Kit

Between conventions and store games I do a decent amount of my DMing on the road, and over the years I’ve built up a kit-list that helps me strikes a balance between ease of transport and running a fully-featured game.

New Basic Rules Adventure: The Horn of Plenty

When a powerful magic item is stolen from a wealthy farming association, the leaders turn to a band of reliable and – most importantly – discrete adventurers to retrieve it.

A New Site for Reviews & News

We’ve launched a new site where we’ll be publishing news and reviews from now on, leaving Winghorn Press as the home for new adventures and other material. So if you want to read our thought on all the new RPGs, supplements and campaigns we can get out hands on, head over to  

A Trio of Tome of Foes Adventures

Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes will be hitting local game stores in the next few days, but how are you going to slot its weird and wonderful monsters into your games?

When the Stars Align

Evil is stirring in the tiny village of Akeley – an evil that reaches out to minds that drift through the inky void between the stars.

Violent Deeds, Heroic Words

For a game whose main conceit is combat, the amount of visceral violence presented in most D&D campaigns is actually pretty limited. And that’s probably a good thing.

Site Overhaul

We’re in the process of updating the website, so if it look a little weird please bear with us for a while.

From Ancient Grudge

When the party is hired to investigate a haunted castle, they’re drawn into a tale of hatred, love and betrayal stretching back more then 300 years.