To the End of Time

They’re some of the greatest heroes the world has ever seen, but when they are plucked from their own time and tasked with saving the world – and possibly much more besides – one last time, will they be up to the challenge?

Epic-level D&D is, well, epic. By the time characters are approaching the level cap they become capable of more and more incredible feats and the party still begins to function on a level far removed from that of normal men and women.

Barbarians will be capable of wrestling giants, Monks will leap to the rooftops in a single bound, Rangers become capable of taking down a battalion of Orcs in a single flurry of blows and Wizards tear apart space and time on a whim.

In short, it’s something that every gamer should get to play around with at least once.
However, this is something that most groups struggle to achieve. It’s comparatively rare for a campaign to reach beyond level seven or so, and even long-term games tend to reach some sort of conclusion in the mid-teens.

Which is where To the End of Time comes in.

This one-shot is designed to give players a taste of epic level adventuring without the need for two years of campaigning first. It can be completed in a single long session, or two or three shorter ones and should be relatively straightforward to run.

The players get to pick from pre-generated epic-level heroes (downloadable free from here) or create their own, complete with backstories of valor and adventure. At the very moment of their death, these titanic heroes are plucked from their own time by a powerful angel and tasked with saving the world – and possibly much more besides – one last time.

Over the course of their adventure the party will encounter all manner of powerful creatures far beyond the reach of regular adventurers, and face tasks that would leave even stout-hearted heroes dumbstruck.

Buy the adventure from the DM’s Guild here.

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  1. Jon T says:

    I just played this at the UK Games Expo and can heartily recommend it. I used the pregen barbarian character and had a blast feeling invulnerable. The game has big combats mixed with good role play opportunities, so something for everyone. I even got a pet gnome to carry around 😉


  2. Owen says:

    This is from a Hong Kong player
    I player the rouge(premade) and it feel good to ne so powerful
    I love this campaign,coz this let us talk for weeks about this


  3. Cristóbal Bustamante Martínez says:

    Hello! A DM from Spain! I just ran this adventure and we had a great time! It has everything, social interactions, fighting and exploration in fair measure. I have created maps in high resolution. You can access them from here.


  4. Djura says:

    My group and I were running this game the other day, and we enjoyed it up until the final boss. To put it frankly, it felt very unbalanced. We had a Druid, Sorcerer, Cleric, Rogue and Barbarian. Our druid spent the whole fight getting flung into the ceiling or floor, and our Barbarian spent almost the entire combat banished from time. The Sorcerer and Cleric were also skipped multiple times. Even when the Barbarian was on the field, he could not do anything in melee (which is a Barbarian’s primary thing) for fear of it happening again. Our Rouge basically soloed the boss, which I’m sure felt great to her, but the rest of us felt very useless and disappointed.

    The fact that most of the boss’s abilities activated automatically in an aura around it had NO opportunity to save against them was very frustrating, especially since even the one or two that allow saves were so high that it was impossible for us to save against them. It’s own saving throws were far too high to even attempt using magic against it, and regardless of that, it resisted all spell damage anyway. I can only surnise that we were meant to bring a full party of ranged weapon users to fight this thing if we wanted a chance for all of us to contribute. Fighting this thing left us all rather disappointed, especially those of us who spent half the combat unable to do anything due to having our turns skipped or being flung to the ceiling with NOTHING we could do about it.
    That left a bad taste for most of us, since we sat down with the expectation of being able to play the game, only to find ourselves losing turns by being removed from play.

    That is not cool.

    So in summary, fun module, but very disappointing and frustrating final boss fight. Would not recommend for that reason.


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