Getting Dicey with The Dice Dungeon

As I write this post in late-ish 2020 it’s been a while since I’ve strictly needed to use any physical dice. However, despite all the obvious benefits of switching to a digital roller for online games, I find I just can’t keep myself from reaching for the dice tray and hankering for something that goes clatter-clatter-tinkle. Or, perhaps, THUD-THUD-THUD in the case of metal dice.

For fear of sounding like a luddite or – worse – old, there really is something rather special about the feel of the dice in your hands and watching it dance its way across the tabletop. Yes, dice rollers are great at doing all the maths for you and sharing the results across the planet, but it’s tricky to send an electronic service to dice jail for endlessly rolling ones, and harder to appreciate the sheer scale of damage you’re about to do when you aren’t having to scrounge up enough d6s to cope when you crit on a sneak attack.

Fortunately for me, in recent days I’ve been given the perfect excuse to ditch the digital in favour of the physical, thanks to a package arriving from the folks over at The Dice Dungeon. The set they’d sent over was the rather beautiful Gaius The Green, an impressively sturdy collection of metal dice.

The weight of the dice is a beautiful thing to behold, and there can be few feelings more satisfying then seeing the sheen of metal bouncing its way about the tray (word of warning – it turns out that using these on wooden tables is a great way to irritate your partner).

The dice themselves are beautiful things, inlaid with green sparkles that conjure up images of dragon scales and moss. Importantly, the clarity on the numbers themselves is wonderful. You aren’t likely to struggle to read these across the table, as you might with other fancy-looking dice sets out there.

Really, the only downside there might be to the set comes when you take a look at the price tag. At time of writing this version of the Gaius the Green set and its display tin retails for £31.99 (about US$42.50), and though this is in line with the cost of other premium dice sets out there – in fact, if anything it’s actually on the affordable side – there’s no denying that’s a fair bit of cash.

If you are able to splash out on a particularly pretty set of dice, though, these are some of the cleanest and most practical ones I’ve run into so far. They feel heavy in the hand and look great on the tabletop.

If you’re interested in picking up some of The Dice Dungeon‘s wares yourself, entering the affiliate code WINGHORN at checkout would really help us out and grants you 10% off your order! And if you keep your eyes peeled over the next few days, we should be running a competition that could help you get hold of a set just like these!

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