The Low Crater

Will You Venture Into the Low Crater?

When the party stumbles across a ragged, beaten band of knights they are amazed to hear that the hardy veterens weere just soundly whipped by mere kobolds.

The crafty little fiends have set up in the rubble of a fallen Earthmote thought to be home to a long-dead dragon and – more importantly – its horde. When the Sable Spears charged in to drive them out, however, they were confronted with ambushes, traps and a whole lot of pain.

Dare you venture where the Sable Spears failed, and explore the Low Crater in search of treasure, glory and adventure? Or will you be turned aside by the prospect of fighting mere Kobolds?

An Adventure for 6th+ Level Parties

Take your party through an adventure that will teach them that CR isn’t everything, and that even the weakest foe can prove dangerous when they’re cornered (though having the power to animate long-dead dragon bones helps too, of course).

Features original maps, five new stat-blocks and extensive notes.

The Low Crater-page001.png

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  1. nwolfson says:

    Just picked this up on DMSGuild!

    I run a game for a party of four. They absolutely loved Wild Sheep’s Chase so I wanted to find another drop in adventure from you. They just reached level 7, though, and i’ve been…. generous with magical items. Any advice for scaling this up a tiny bit?

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  2. nwolfson says:

    For the record: I ran this for the 4 level 7s a while ago and they loved it. I just added a few extra kobolds where appropriate and boosted the 2 final fight HP totals by about 30.

    My one recommendation here is to take your time on setup. It’s easy for this to just be a dungeon crawl. Making sure they know what the Husk is and why the Kobolds revere it did a lot to keep the party going through the traps.


  3. Mick Murray says:

    I’m curious how long it takes to go through this? I’ve got a one-shot evening planned and was curious if we could go through this in one night.


    1. nwolfson says:

      I’ve not run it twice for two different groups. I started them out right by the crater so there wasn’t much lead time. Took about 4-5 hours each time with mildly experienced parties.


      1. ChristopherBKL says:

        I am curious about map scaling. Did you go by the map grid on the pdf or adjust it to dimensions closer to the area descriptions?


      2. nwolfson says:

        I scaled it to the descriptions. I also drew the map out and cut it into pieces so i could reveal pathways based on which direction they chose.

        Some pics of my setup for that game:


  4. nwolfson says:

    I scaled then to the descriptions. Here are pics of my maps from that session:


    1. ChristopherBKL says:

      Very cool maps. Thanks for the scaling tips. I will be running this tomorrow, for the first time, with a group of 6 people. Going to have them at 5th level to adjust for the extra players. Pretty excited about this adventure!


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