Spell of the Day – Animal Messenger

The second of three spells to start with ‘Animal’ continues down the route of helping you roleplay a Disney Princess, albeit one that doesn’t mind using her woodland buddies as a fantasy telegram service every now and again.

Spell of the Day – Animal Friendship

Have you ever wanted to roleplay as a Disney Princess? With Animal Friendship it’s easy to get your troupe of woodland critters to play along, although you’ll need to burn through quite a few spell-slots if you want enough to perform a decently sized dance number.

Spell of the Day – Alter Self

With the right spells and a bit of imagination magic users in D&D can get up to some pretty weird things. Without a doubt Alter Self allows for some of the strangest results when you’re still at low levels.

Spell of the Day 03 – Alarm

There’s something very appealing about ritual magic. You don’t need to prepare it in advance and can cast it without burning a spell slot, so the only real costs are a few components and around ten minutes of downtime. Of all the rituals to have stashed away in your spellbook, Alarm is one of the…

Spell of the Day 02 – Aid

For some spells it’s hard to know exactly what it does until you’ve read through the PHB entry a couple of times. For others, you get the gist as soon as you see the name. Aid definitely falls into this second category.

Spell of the Day 01 – Acid Splash

For our very first Spell of the Day we have one of the few Cantrips capable of hitting more than one target. Naturally this means it isn’t exactly the most deadly of spells, dealing only d6 acid damage at early levels, but if you can make both hits land you can really tear through crowds…