A Trio of Tome of Foes Adventures

Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes will be hitting local game stores in the next few days, but how are you going to slot its weird and wonderful monsters into your games?

Winghorn Press has already released a trio of top-quality adventures drawn from the pages of the Tome of Foes. Each of these is around four hours long and packed with maps, roleplaying information and great ways to get to know your new foes!

The adventures we have published so far are:

  • When the Stars Align (level 4-6) – Battle monstrous Star Spawn alongside eccentric Giff mercenaries as you try to regain control of reality.
  • Death in the Dark (level 8-10) – Death seems to be following in the wake of a local orphan, but is he the true source of the darkness?
  • Upsetting the Balance (level 14-16) – An unusual client asks the party to help dispose of a demon infestation, but soon the party find themselves up against a powerful foe – the great mage Mordenkainen himself.

Find them all on the DM’s Guild!

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