Preview – Honour Among Thieves

Work on the next Winghorn Press adventure is very much underway, so we thought we’d provide a quick preview to whet readers’ appetites.

This is the first page of Honour Among Thieves, which will see the party be all-but forced into taking a job on behalf of the mysterious ‘gentleman thief’ Wisp Shadowfoot.

If they want to retrieve their loot and magic items from the shady cat-burglar, they will need to help him wipe out a vicious gang of house-breakers who have a) been making life hard for the rest of the criminal fraternity, and b) been acting in a most ungentlemanly way while doing so.


Over the course of the evening our heroes may investigate a crumbling inn filled with heavily armed murderers, face down a psychotic Drow assassin, steal some already-stolen loot and stop a brutal crime spree.

Or they may not. Such is the joy of role-playing games!

Note that the image above is from a draft version of the adventure. Everything from the plot to the level-range may alter before it is officially published.

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  1. Noel Sebastian Lim Jenq Ning says:

    When will this adventure be published ?


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