The Vengeance – The World’s Greatest Heroes for D&D 5E

“In a world filled with heroes, some still manage to stand above their peers. The band known as The Vengeance are among the most respected men and women to have ever taken up arms in defence of righteousness and the very survival of all civilised peoples.”

Some time ago I stumbled across a gallery put together by the Malaysian artist Daniel Kamarudin – known as theDURRRRIAN – showing the Avengers as D&D-esque fantasy heroes. It was so impressive that I knew I needed to put together some stats that fitted the art.

You can download the stats here as a PDF

Alternatively, click on the images below to expand them, and then select ‘view full size’.

Functionally, most of The Vengeance are modelled on high-level PCs, though with some modifications that fit their flavor and make them easier to run.

Their CR is extremely hard to judge and will probably be modified over the next few weeks, but suffice to say they will be deadly foes for any evil adventuring parties foolish enough to cross them.

One thought on “The Vengeance – The World’s Greatest Heroes for D&D 5E

  1. An Ironman with no Unibeam makes me a little bummed but otherwise these are just plain great. You really should make more stuff like this.


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