New Adventure: The Tomb of Crossed Words

A few weeks ago I was looking at a crossword puzzle when it occurred to me that the grid kind of looked like a D&D dungeon map. The rest is history. Or possibly fantasy.

The adventure that it inspired – The Tomb of Crossed Words – is available to buy now from the DM’s Guild store. It’s a roughly four-hour puzzle-fest that will require the heroes to use their brains more than their brawn, with obstacles ranging from riddles and illusions to anagrams and logic problems.

If that isn’t enough, it also comes with three new monster stat blocks, some amazing art and a rather fantastic map.


This seriously isn’t something that’s going to appeal to everyone, but I’m okay with that. It was an incredible amount of fun to write and produce and I hope to hear plenty of stories of parties pumping the air when they solve one of the particularly tricky riddles.

Please go check it out, if only to take a look at the free preview.

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