Preview: The Carver’s Cave

Our upcoming adventure is all about assumptions and expectations, and how dangerous they can be when you rely on them.

In The Carver’s Cave, the party is asked to investigate a series of missing people in the Galago Hills. When they find a cave decorated with incredibly life-like statues it is likely to set off alarm bells.

What lurks in the cave is not anything as simple as a basilisk, however. After all, what evil could possibly be worse than that which lurks in the heart of mortal men?

Carvers Cave2

This 3-5 hour, setting-agnostic adventure for D&D 5E is ideal for parties looking for roleplaying and problem-solving, and for DMs looking to unsettle their table with an unexpected villain and deadly encounters.

The Carver’s Cave will be available on the DM’s Guild at the beginning of October 2017.

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